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Richard Lacy

Life                                1797 - 1883
Matriculation year     1815
Place connected          Jamaica

Richard kept 10 terms at Christ's, where he was recorded as a 'keen sportsman'. He later went on to publish 'The Modern Shooter', a practical instruction book about shooting.

Connection to enslavement

Richard was the great-grandson of Samuel Walter, who owned Chancery Hall, a plantation in Jamaica.¹ ⁵


Samuel Walter left his Yorkshire property and that plantation to his only daughter, Mary Ann, who was Richard's great-aunt. She died in 1820, (while Richard was still at Christ's) leaving her estate to Richard.² ³


Richard's ownership of the estate was interconnected with 'Ralph Lacy', who may have been his brother, acting as his great-aunt's and his attorney. In 1823, Richard was registered as the owner of the estate and the 148 enslaved people on it. He owned a peak of 162 enslaved people on the estate in 1825.⁴


By 1836 the plantation appears to have left Richard's possession, and no compensation claim has been identified as relating to the estate.⁴


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