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Henry O'Hara Moore

Life                                1833 - 1877
Matriculation year     1852
Place connected          Barbados

Henry O'Hara was born in Barbados, and was called to the Bar in 1860. He was the son of a Liverpool Merchant, Henry Moore.

Connection to enslavement

Henry O'Hara's father, the Liverpool merchant Henry Moore, was a partner in Moore Brothers & Co. He was a  merchant working in Liverpool and Barbados, and the company had a transatlantic presence, operating in both.¹ ²


Henry Moore was awarded compensation for multiple claims in Barbados in 1836 as both a trustee (for other slave-owners) and for enslaved people he owned himself. He also received compensation for enslaved people he owned in Tobago, jointly with his brother and business partner Charles Moore.³ ⁴ Overall, he was an awardee in claims for compensation for 27 enslaved people, and a trustee in claims for a further 66 enslaved people.


Henry O'Hara Moore matriculated in 1852, after his father's compensation, meaning that some of the money financing his education was likely derived from his father's involvement in enslavement.


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